Rule 34 Comic Book Covers by Garrett Blair [75 Pics!]

Gamora Garrett_Blair Guardians_of_the_Galaxy Marvel Garrett_Blair Padme_Amidala Star_Wars 003_Garrett_Blair Princess_Leia_Organa Star_Wars DC Garrett_Blair Green_Lantern Jade Borderlands Borderlands_2 Crazy_Earl Garrett_Blair Maya Amora Enchantress Garrett_Blair Marvel Thor Borderlands Garrett_Blair Mad_Moxxi


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    1. September 29, 2015

      […] We’re counting down the days until Episode 7 with 100 Star Wars inspired porn galleries! With 79 days to go, today we’re featuring Rule 34 artwork by Garrett Blair, including selections from his comic book parody covers! […]


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